William Macdonald


WILLIAM-MACDONALDWilliam has performed in over 200 professional film/ tv/ theatre productions during the past 30 years. He has been nominated for 5 Jessie’s and 2 Leo’s, as well as being the winner of the Best Actor award at the 2001 Toronto Independent Film Festival.
He has been a series lead on “Call of the Wild”, performed in dozens of guest star roles, and most recently filmed a supportive role in Atom Egoyan’s “The Captive”, which was selected for competition for the Palm D’or at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.
On stage, he has performed leading roles for companies across the country, including  Vancouver Playhouse, Arts Club, Touchstone, Bard on the Beach, the Citadel, Phoenix, Theatre Network, Manitoba Theatre Centre, Theatre Aquarius, Factory Theatre, and Repercussion Theatre.


Of his work, critics have said:


‘…and MacDonald, in the show’s iron-clad scene-stealing role, generate the kind of dark comic energy the play is capable of.’

-Martin Morrow, The Globe and Mail (as Bear in Zadie’s Shoes)

‘Bill can swing between gravitas and hilarious in a single beat, he’s got one of the widest ranges of actors I know’

– Simon Ogden, The nextstage.wordpress.com

‘MacDonald is a powerhouse, a “Take no prisoners” kind of actor who has us and holds us for a couple of hours’

-Jo Ledingham, Vancouver Courier

Here’s what the students say:

‘Just wanted to drop you line and say thanks for your coaching on that big audition I had a while back. I ended up booking the job! It’s going to premier next year on Syfy and Showcase.Thanks for your help. It was a tremendous help. I probably wouldn’t have booked it without you’

– Joe D.

‘A brilliant acting mentor who brings a unique spin to Uta Hagen and your own organic process. A teaching style that pushes the fourth wall and breaks the rules of acting. The results in training under Bill MacDonald are raw, honest and connected performances delivered from start to finish.’

–Patrick W.

‘He’s such a generous teacher! He gives you everything he has from his own years of experience with his craft. He is sensitive and really perceptive which makes his instruction and guidance accessible and actable. Taking this class with William is the best thing you can do if you want to move into a deeper understanding of craft development. So Inspirational’

– Christine U