NEW Audition Class and Student Feedback

As an actor, one’s training is really never over.  In most other careers it is part of your job – part of your paid job – to put in research and development.  For a performer, this would include both ongoing training, as well as seeing shows, going to concerts, watching films.  Unfortunately, this generally comes out of our own under-paid pockets, so we are not always able or willing to put in as much time as might be necessary to stay on top of our game.  It is invaluable to put oneself in front of a camera as much as possible.
At Bryant and Tuck Studios, we’ve worked to keep classes affordable and engaging.  There is a class for all levels, the instructors treat each student as individual, and work to give appropriate and specific feed back.
We’re excited to announce a NEW TUESDAY AUDITION CLASS. Starting in February, Peter Bryant will be teaching an on-camera audition class preparing students for the many scenarios they may face in the audition room.  Peter is also offering a FIRST-TIME STUDENT INTRO RATE of $100/4 class session with the option to “mix and match” .
 Recent Student Feedback:
“I am so grateful to Peter Bryant for being my coach and mentor. He is a passionate teacher who cares deeply about each of his students. In his class, he offers a safe place to explore many different characters, and gently guides you towards breaking through your emotional blocks. What I love most is the genuinely supportive community of students at his studio; I believe that is credited to Peter’s example as a highly optimistic, enthusiastic, and compassionate human being”
                                                           – Doralynn Mui
Studying with Peter has greatly aided in releasing the warrior’s wings from out my hunter’s heart. His class atmosphere is comfortably vigorous, free spirited, joyful and unhindered by the trappings of ego; he works with you not above you. Time spent under his tutelage is oft the highlight of my week. I recommend him to anyone who wishes to discover or rediscover the the sacred art of acting which resides in us all.
                                                            – Andrew Tkach
Peter doesn’t push you to your limit – he pushes you past it. His relaxed yet assiduous approach to teaching leaves me feeling motivated every week. Whether you have known Peter for years or minutes, you feel at ease and prepared to open up your soul to his persevering instruction. A visceral actor and perceptive teacher, the thing he never lets you forget is you can always go one step further.
                                                            – Sarah Cowan



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